Adult Tennis Programs

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Stroke of the Day - Beginner to Intermediate

Monday - Friday 9-10AM
Learn or perfect a different stroke each day with expert instruction on the how-to's of each stroke and the reasons behind important changes to improve your game. A quick frame by frame video analysis on court enhances your experience as you can better visualize changes needed. The daily schedule is the following:

Monday-Forehand, Tuesday-Backhand, Wednesday-Volley, Thursday-Serve, Friday-Specialty Shots
Price: $18/Hour, $85/Week

The Drill - Beginner to Intermediate

Monday - Friday 10-11AM
Hone in on each stroke through a variety of custom drills designed to complement the Stroke of the Day and provide game-like situations for the stroke. Footwork and movements are key elemts of this class. The primary focus highlights the stroke of the day mixed in with many other strokes - the highlighted strokes are listed below.

Monday-Forehand, Tuesday-Backhand, Wednesday-Volley, Thursday-Serve, Friday-Specialty Shots
Price: $18/Hour, $85/Week

Stroke and Drill (The Combo) - Beginner to Intermediate

Monday - Friday 9-11AM
Take both the stroke and the drill together for added improvement - same schedule as above. You will receive two hours of stroke analysis and active drilling to better round out your game. For ultimate improvement, book 10 hours of Stroke and/or Drill hours (can be done in a week or spread out as you like). Just begin by clicking Register Now for Stroke or Drill and add 10 hours to your cart.
Price: $34/Day, $160/Week

Weekend Warriors

Saturday and Sunday 9-11AM
A terrific doubles program designed to improve your team play! Saturday's session focuses on the tools necessary for good doubles, while Sunday's session focuses on strategy and tactics of top doubles. Take the program by the day or both days to hone your doubles skills. Sunday's session is for 3.0 and up only please as live ball situations will be used where levels match.
Price: $34/Day, $64/Weekend

Advanced Training Program (ATP)

Monday - Friday 11-12:30
Advanced drills for the 4.0 and above rated player. Drills will include a variety of live and dead ball exercises to hone your skills, with added emphasis on footwork and match play situations. Match and point play can be added where appropriate. This program is offered from June through mid-August. We are punctilious about the level, as live ball situations may be employed and we want to be fair to all students.
Price: $26/Day, $120/Week

For detailed questions please call Director of Tennis Eric Wammock at 843-301-2113